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Our Firm's Approach

When you come to Legal Value Firm® we want you to feel welcomed. Our professional space is inviting and comfortable. Our attorneys and staff are focused on serving your legal needs, so when you meet with us, here’s what you can expect:

  • An initial consultation with an attorney.

  • An understanding of our flat fee is appropriate for your matter, or if there are additional attorney fees, as well as estimated filing fees and/or costs.

  • An opportunity to choose us to serve you.

  • An intake of information so that we can serve you if you engage/retain us.

  • An update(s) on your legal matter as it progresses.

  • An excellent experience highlighting quality legal work.

  • An invitation to contact us on your legal matter any time you have any questions or concerns.

At Legal Value Firm® we take your legal needs seriously. We strive to do our best to earn your trust and confidence. We hope that you choose to let us help you with your next legal issue.


Just stop by, call, or email us today.

Accepted Payments

General Disclaimer

The information contained within this website is an advertisement in accordance with the State Bar of California’s Rules of Professional Conduct. Legal Value Firm®’s principal attorney is a member of the California Bar, Nima Asadi, Esq. Mr. Asadi nor Legal Value Firm® can guaranty, warrant or predict the outcome of your legal matter. Also, some of the flat fee prices for legal services may not be applicable for all clients. If your legal matter involves more work than the flat fee for the legal service, Legal Value Firm® or its attorneys will discuss such additional fees prior to engaging you as a client, and before you spend any money on legal services.

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