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General Matters

Sometimes your legal matter doesn't fit neatly into one of our core categories below. Instead, you may just need to have a simple form document reviewed or drafted that is not too involved. Perhaps you need to discuss a straightforward situation and get some answers in order to make decisions, or need us to determine if we can assist you with any of our legal services. Whatever the issue the folks at Legal Value Firm will evaluate your matter to see if we can take care of that.

Just let us know what the legal issue is and our attorneys will try to guide you. If we can represent you on any general matter that doesn't fall within our core categories below or in order to determine exactly how we might assist you with any of the categories below, we may charge additional fees.

*Note: After spending a few minutes with our staff identifying your legal matter, we will know if we can assist you. If we believe that we can, if there is no conflict in our representation of you, and if you choose to become a client pursuant to our Legal Services Agreement, we will confirm that we can handle your matter prior to your signing a Legal Services Agreement. First-time clients need to meet in person with the attorney; thereafter, future matters pursuant to these terms can be accomplished via telephone and/or email if desired. 

Important Notice:

These legal services and prices are offered at the Torrance, CA and Irvine, CA offices.

Other legal value firms may have different legal services and pricing. These legal services and pricing are just suggested and not indicative of every legal value firm, so please check directly with Legal Value Firm to ensure accurate legal service offerings and pricing.

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