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Trademarks & Copyrights


On intellectual property registration matters such as copyright or trademark, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your mark is registered, your matter is finalized, and you are satisfied.

Important: Unfortunately, Legal Value Firm® nor its attorneys can guarantee the government registering any trademark, service mark, copyright or any type of mark or work of authorship. While we will make every effort to try to secure registration for you, we want you to know up front that filing costs and attorney fees are not refundable in the event a mark or work of authorship is not ultimately registered.

Trademark registrations: $599.00 plus filing costs

Copyright registrations: 

$499.00 plus filing costs 


Office actions for trademark or copyright: Office Action responses (if any) are in addition to the above registration fees plus costs. Attorney fees for reviewing and/or responding to any type of Office Action start at $400.00 and up, per mark or work of authorship. The $400.00 or exact attorney fees for the Office Action review/response (hourly or flat) will be determined based upon the actual Office Action issued. If engaged to review and respond to an Office Action, it will include an attorney reviewing, addressing and trying to resolve items set forth in such Office Action with no guarantees to outcomes or to any registration of any trademark or copyright.

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