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At Legal Value Firm® our attorneys provide a wide range of legal services for mostly flat fees in the following areas, but if you require assistance with something not listed, just ask us and we will be happy to evaluate.

General Matters

Business & Corporate Law

Trademarks & Copyrights

Wills & Trusts

Franchise Law

Real Estate

Dispute Resolution

In Meeting


Sometimes your legal matter doesn’t fit neatly into one of our core categories below. Instead, you may just need to have a simple form document reviewed or drafted that is not too involved. Perhaps you need to discuss a straightforward situation and get some answers in order to make decisions, or need us to determine if we can assist you with any of our legal services. Whatever the issue the folks at Legal Value Firm will evaluate your matter to see if we can take care of that.

Just let us know what the legal issue is and our attorneys will try to guide you. If we can represent you on any general matter that doesn’t fall within our core categories below or in order to determine exactly how we might assist you with any of the categories below, we may charge additional fees.

*Note: After spending a few minutes with our staff identifying your legal matter, we will know if we can assist you. If we believe that we can, if there is no conflict in our representation of you, and if you choose to become a client pursuant to our Legal Services Agreement, we will confirm that we can handle your matter prior to your signing a Legal Services Agreement. First-time clients need to meet in person with the attorney; thereafter, future matters pursuant to these terms can be accomplished via telephone and/or email if desired. 

Important Notice:

These legal services and prices are offered at the Torrance, CA and Irvine, CA offices.


Other legal value firms may have different legal services and pricing. These legal services and pricing are just suggested and not indicative of every legal value firm, so please check directly with Legal Value Firm to ensure accurate legal service offerings and pricing.



On business matters, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your entity is formed, your contract is finalized, and until you are satisfied.

Business entity formation: One party

Includes preparation and filing of articles, operating agreement or bylaws or partnership agreement, Initial Minutes, related documents, FEIN, initial statement of information preparation, S-election preparation, and securities exemption filing (all as applicable).

2 or more parties: Additional legal fees apply, but the exact price is confirmed after attorney consultation before engagement.

Filing costs are for regular filings/rush filings will incur higher rates. The attorney can share a breakdown of applicable filing costs.

Buying or selling a business: Small business only
Business contract reviews / revisions:
Business contract drafting:

Legal Value Firm® reserves the right not to draft or review certain types of contracts. Flat fees only apply to certain types of contract reviews or drafting. Not all contract reviews or drafting are eligible for flat fees. Legal Value Firm® will assess your situation and give you a custom quote based on the estimated time involved.

Maximum drafts or rounds of review/drafting not to exceed three for flat fee contract reviews or drafting; otherwise, additional fees apply.



On intellectual property registration matters such as copyright or trademark, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your mark is registered, your matter is finalized, and you are satisfied.

Important: Unfortunately, Legal Value Firm® nor its attorneys can guarantee the government registering any trademark, service mark, copyright or any type of mark or work of authorship. While we will make every effort to try to secure registration for you, we want you to know up front that filing costs and attorney fees are not refundable in the event a mark or work of authorship is not ultimately registered.


Office actions for trademark or copyright: Office Action responses (if any) are in addition to the above registration fees plus costs. Attorney fees for reviewing and/or responding to any type of Office Action start at $400.00 and up, per mark or work of authorship. The $400.00 or exact attorney fees for the Office Action review/response (hourly or flat) will be determined based upon the actual Office Action issued. If engaged to review and respond to an Office Action, it will include an attorney reviewing, addressing and trying to resolve items set forth in such Office Action with no guarantees to outcomes or to any registration of any trademark or copyright.



On wills and trusts matters, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your will, trust, or any combination of documents are finalized, and until you are satisfied. The following legal fees do not include notary, recording or other filing fees which are out-of-pocket pass-through costs.

Customized Flat Fee Quote:

If you need your Will, Trust or related estate plan documents amended to reflect changes, we may, at our discretion, meet with you for up to 10 minutes, review your documents. After this meeting and review, we will be able to give you a price quote for any amendments. This price quote may range from $499.00-$1,999.00+ (if it’s determined your documents need to be redrafted completely). If you decide to have Legal Value Firm® complete your amendment(s) or new packet of documents, you will be charged the fees you were quoted.



Whether you're already a franchisor or thinking about becoming one, we're here to assist you every step of the way.


Our team of legal professionals have extensive backgrounds in working with major national franchise brands. Some have even been franchisees themselves, providing us with invaluable insights and knowledge.


Count on us to be your trusted partner in navigating the world of franchising. We have the expertise and experience to offer you the guidance and support you need and deserve. Let us help you achieve your franchising goals! 


(Deeds, Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Evictions & more)

On real estate law matters, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your matter is finalized, and until you are satisfied.

Lease review / revisions:
Lease drafting:
Customized Flat Fee Quote:

If you need a deed prepared to transfer an interest in real property, we may, in our discretion, meet with you for up to 30 minutes, review your documents, ask questions to access what’s needed to be completed. After this meeting and review, we will be able to give you a price quote for any deed preparation. This price quote may range from $499.00 and higher. If you decide to have Legal Value Firm® complete your deed preparation, you will pay the fees you were quoted. Filing costs are extra.

Note: Preparing and filing a deed for a transfer of interest in real property is an important matter that needs careful attention. You will need to make representations regarding gift and estate tax issues, possible exclusions from reassessment on the property, and other matters related to the chain of title. Our attorneys will be able to ask you the necessary questions and determine how best to achieve your transfer in real property during the 30-minute initial meeting.



(Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation & Small Claims)

If you have a matter that you want assistance resolving with attorneys, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your matter is finalized.

Note: We may choose to start the process with the LVF Rate of $250.00 per half-hour, which is credited to your matter if you choose to engage us within two weeks, based upon the flat fee we quote you during our meeting.

Attorney Fees And Costs:
Please Read Carefully As Fees/Costs Are Not Guaranteed

These fees are attorney fees only and do not include court fees, government or other filing fees, notary fees, attorney or messenger service fees, or county recording fees, and these attorney fees are subject to increases depending on the circumstances of the client’s needs. Based upon information provided by the client at the outset, the attorney will inform the client if there are additional attorney fees, or as the matter progresses based upon new items occurring, such as an Office Action in the registration of a mark or copyright.

While our goal is to keep your price a flat fee, all prices are subject to increase based on the client’s need and matter.


Price will be confirmed prior to engagement and may increase during engagement only if additional matters occur as set forth in the pricing menu a hearing, office action, etc).

Accepted Payments

General Disclaimer

The information contained within this website is an advertisement in accordance with the State Bar of California’s Rules of Professional Conduct. Legal Value Firm®’s principal attorney is a member of the California Bar, Nima Asadi, Esq. Mr. Asadi nor Legal Value Firm® can guaranty, warrant or predict the outcome of your legal matter. Also, some of the flat fee prices for legal services may not be applicable for all clients. If your legal matter involves more work than the flat fee for the legal service, Legal Value Firm® or its attorneys will discuss such additional fees prior to engaging you as a client, and before you spend any money on legal services.

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