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Dispute Resolution


(Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation & Small Claims)

If you have a matter that you want assistance resolving with attorneys, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your matter is finalized.

*Dispute resolution (reviewing, negotiating, drafting and counseling): $ hourly engagement

*Small claims court case preparation and counseling 

prices range from $1,999-2,499 plus filing and count 


$ hourly engagement 

Note: We may choose to start the process with the LVF Rate of $250.00 per half-hour, which is credited to your matter if you choose to engage us within two weeks, based upon the flat fee we quote you during our meeting.

Attorney Fees And Costs:
Please Read Carefully As Fees/Costs Are Not Guaranteed

These fees are attorney fees only and do not include court fees, government or other filing fees, notary fees, attorney or messenger service fees, or county recording fees, and these attorney fees are subject to increases depending on the circumstances of the client's needs. Based upon information provided by the client at the outset, the attorney will inform the client if there are additional attorney fees, or as the matter progresses based upon new items occurring, such as an Office Action in the registration of a mark or copyright.

While our goal is to keep your price a flat fee, all prices are subject to increase based on the client's need and matter.

Price will be confirmed prior to engagement and may increase during engagement only if additional matters occur as set forth in the pricing menu a hearing, office action, etc).

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