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Wills & Trusts


On wills and trusts matters, meet with a Legal Value Firm® attorney initially and communicate any time up until your will, trust, or any combination of documents are finalized, and until you are satisfied. The following legal fees do not include notary, recording or other filing fees which are out-of-pocket pass-through costs.

Will (small estate): $899.00

Revocable trust (small estate): 

starting at $1,799.00 

Advanced healthcare directives:  


Power of attorney: 


Full packet with all applicable documents above included: 

starting at $1,999.00 

Amend a will or trust or full package:  

*customized flat fee 

Trust administration: 

$ percentage  

Small estate affidavits / administration: 

$ customized flat fees  


$ ask us 

Conservatorship and guardianship: 

​$ ask us 

Customized Flat Fee Quote:

If you need your Will, Trust or related estate plan documents amended to reflect changes, we may, at our discretion, meet with you for up to 10 minutes, review your documents. After this meeting and review, we will be able to give you a price quote for any amendments. This price quote may range from $499.00-$1,999.00+ (if it's determined your documents need to be redrafted completely). If you decide to have Legal Value Firm® complete your amendment(s) or new packet of documents, you will be charged the fees you were quoted.

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